Just for fun the artist painted a few portraits of aristocratic cats. At her exhibition in Switzerland they were a big success and all sold out!


The First Painting

It all began with cats! “Cat and the Peacock” was the first painting in the collection, a truly mesmerizing cat image. At a show in London it was called “the most beautiful picture in the world”.


Dog Portraits

It is not easy to paint dogs as beautifully as our artist does! It took her a few years to figure out how to do that - and so the first dog portrait was created, followed by hundreds more.


Worldwide Success

“The Royal Contest of Animals” attracted 400 000 people from around the globe. The winners are depicted on eight portraits from the collection, like “The Pug Viking”, inspired by “Game of Thrones”.



From “Pets of Art and Fashion” to the unique “Cat Artists” - the collection comprises over 300 paintings to date, and each portrait is an inimitable work of art. Nothing is like the Animal Century art collection!

With Love from the Animal Century

For the artists from the Pishvanova family, it has always been important to share their art with the world - each art print is produced with attention to every detail, creating reproductions that look like the original portraits.