• Address

    Animal Century Museum
    Arracher Weg 20
    93167 Falkenstein

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  • Opening Hours

    Sat - Sun
    12:00 - 18:00
    And by appointment

  • Entrance Fees

    Adults - 7 Euro
    Children (up to 16) - 3 Euros
    Children (under 6) - free

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Celebrating art, fashion and animals

The whole world of jewels, couture, iconic images and most incredible stories. Empowered by art.
There might be a lot of images of animals in clothes, but there is nothing like the Animal Century portrait series.


Shop Art Prints

Portraits from our collection are available as high quality art prints in various sizes.


Über 300 Porträts in der Sammlung

55 veröffentlicht

Riviera series

Showroom in Munich

Visit our showroom and gallery in the middle of Munich's art district! Shop art prints with all the portraits from the collection and get inspired.


Animal Century Art Collection

Join the celebration of art, fashion and animals! The project Animal Century was started in 2001 and since then over 300 masterpieces have been created that amaze with their beauty and originality. There are currently 55 works on display on our website and available to purchase as art prints - follow us so you don't miss new portraits.

Über 300 Porträts in der Sammlung

55 veröffentlicht

Wir haben 55 von über 300 Porträts veröffentlicht - folgen Sie uns auf Social Media and melden Sie sich unserem Newsletter an, um neue Porträts nicht zu verpassen!

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