The artist

A highly versatile and imaginative artist, Maria Pishvanova started the Animal Century portrait series in 2001 simply because...she liked it.
In doing so, she shows the breadth of her artistic vision in depicting characters, designing fashion, jewels, patterns, fabrics...
That's why it's called the celebration in the name of art, fashion and animals!

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We are the Pishvanova Artists

Pishvanova Artists was founded in 2021 with the aim of promoting the catalogue, among other things, the "Animal Century" portrait series and other works by artists from the Pishvanova family.
Pishvanova Artists was founded in 2021 to ensure the Animal Century portrait series is positioned as a major phenomenon in modern art and culture. The company represents the artists from the Pishvanova family and their large catalog of works. We are committed to supporting artists' careers and telling their stories through various types of production, media, collaborations and events.

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