Rottweiler the Politician
Rottweiler the Politician

Rottweiler the Politician

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Dog art print with the painting "Rottweiler the Politician" (2008). Dandy Dogs of Animal Century.

The rottie dog portrait has a distinguished retro flair, typical for a number of early dog artworks in the Dandy series. He is the most noble dealer the dog world has ever known!

This rottweiler fine art print is available in 3 sizes. Art prints with dandy dog portraits are a great gift for dog ladies and dog gentlemen alike. Among our dandy pets you will meet presidents, bankers, journalists and writers! Browse our lady portraits as well - for every dandy dog there is a lady dog.

Animal Century by Maria Pishvanova, the one and only dog art print collection for the lovers of art, fashion and animals.

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