Royal Ambassadors FAQ

Who are Royal Ambassadors?

Royal Ambassadors are our partners on the special mission of helping spread the word about the Animal Century art collection. They share the same love for art, fashion and animals as we do. Every Ambassador has a unique code for sharing with customers and friends. Through this code, they get a % off their purchase when shopping at our website whereas Ambassadors get commissions on net sales.

How to become a Royal Ambassador?

Please fill out this form to apply for being the Royal Ambassador. We will get back to you as soon as possible! This form helps us to learn more about you and your business.

How high is the commission on net sales for Royal Ambassadors?

Please contact us and we will give you more details on commissions.

What's in it for businesses and their customers?

We want everyone to have a possibility to find a portrait they love or to make a special present for their beloved ones. For the efforts of Royal Ambassadors, we share commission on net sales with them every time someone makes a purchase with an Ambassador code. Their customers and friends in turn get a % off their purchase when purchasing from us. So it's a win-win! Furthermore, there are over 300 Animal Century portraits - so it is often quite challenging for physical stores to stock all of them and fulfill every special wish! Royal Ambassadors don't have to stock anything - only share their unique codes.

What type of business can become a Royal Ambassador?

Any business sharing our love for art, fashion and animals! Royal Ambassadors are not only for-profit businesses - an animal shelter or charity can also become a Royal Ambassador, just like grooming salons, pet shops, book stores or beauty parlors.

What's the difference to the Royal Ambassadors ONLINE?

Royal Ambassadors ONLINE is our affiliate program for bloggers and everybody with a social media presence. One doesn't have to be a business owner in order to become our online Ambassador. Please learn more here.

My business doesn’t have a physical location, can I still become an Ambassador?

Send us an e-mail and we will find an opportunity for us to work together!

Can I support your art collection any other way?

We are happy to discuss any other creative opportunities with you! For example, you can decorate your business location or interior with our art prints, become our stockist, make products with Animal Century portraits or use them in other creative projects. For more information about collaboration opportunities, please visit this page.

I don't have a business, can I still become a Royal Ambassador?

In this case, you can become our online Royal Ambassador! Please visit this page to learn more.

How do I know if my Ambassador code has been used?

A sale that has been made using your code is called a “referral sale”. You will have your own dashboard, where you can see your referral sales and how much you have earned. You will also receive an e-mail each time your make a sale. The technology for tracking sales is provided by Goaffpro.

How do I get paid after my code has been used?

You can choose the way you want to be paid in your dashboard. We pay Ambassadors every month, using either PayPal for worldwide payments or SEPA within Europe.