Mademoiselle Devon Rex
Mademoiselle Devon Rex

Mademoiselle Devon Rex

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Mademoiselle Devon Rex cat fine art print. This mesmerizing cat artwork is from the mini series "Cat Elegance" (Lady Cats of Animal Century). Painted in 2010.

This cat mademoiselle is a cat lady full of mystery and flirt - unlike her best dog friend, Mademoiselle Jack Russell, a shy and romantic dog lady.

"Cat Elegance" is a part of the series "Lady". It is notable for the various styles of cat paintings, from dreamy "Cat and the Peacock" that started the art collection to flirty "Mademoiselle Devon Rex".

Lady series comprises portraits of pets dressed as pretty coquettes, noble dames and young, romantic mademoiselles. It is largely inspired by fashion of 19th and 20th centuries and is the biggest series in our pet art collection.

Animal Century by the artist Maria Pishvanova, the one and only cat art print collection for the lovers of art, fashion and animals.

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